Wednesday, October 30, 2013

1st LookBook post: Get Ready to flaunt your curves!

Hi everyone! Here I am, finally blogging about fashion :)

This is my fashion blog, I have two more blogs about books and of course, me. I just wanted to share my "wisdom" about outfits, accessories, make-up and anything that fall under the fashion category. I will be posting updates about my latest LookBook post or a new make-up, shoes, etc. 

Now let's get started.

Check this out:

I posted this look a few months ago. I was so busy with my studies that's why I couldn't post a new look every now and then. Actually, I had no intentions of publishing this outfit in LookBook. I wore this during the annual Lion's Roar Award in my school and my friends complimented me. So I decided to give it a try and post this look.

As of now here are the feedbacks that I got from my fellow LookBook-ers:

As you can see, only a few people from the LookBook community noticed it. Probably it's because I wasn't so active and I only fanned 30 people. But now, I want to give it more time and effort and see if I can someday maybe reach a thousand fans or more :)

So far this is my LookBook stats:

Feel free to follow me here, on LookBook, in Instagram and Twitter. My blog is still under construction, so you can just search for my usernames at this moment. I will soon put up some badges or hyperlinks for everyone's convenience. 

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