Sunday, November 3, 2013

New LookBook post: My curves are out of this GALAXY!

Check out this look at:

So what do you guys think? :) Creative criticisms are always welcome.

During the whole photoshoot, I was feeling really awkward and shy. It was my first time and I had no idea what do or where to look or how to place my feet or where to put my hands or should I smile or not. I was giggling after every click of the camera, it's a good thing that Ms. Pamela De Leon, our photographer, was very nice and patient. And my uncle, Russel Manalastas was there to encourage me to let my guard down and don't think about the people passing by.

I'm so glad that I got to take some decent shots. And I'm hoping that I didn't look so desperate with my posing. Since I don't have the "model-body" type, I was aiming to show that even curvy ones can "work it"

Here are some of the other full body shots:

I'm really proud of myself for having the courage to embrace my figure and flaunt it with confidence without being full of myself.

Wait! Let's not forget to discuss what composes this outfit. I'm wearing my vintage denim polo (I had it resized, it was kinda big and it looked very lose. Plus! It made me look wider before it was resized), my Kirin Kirin galaxy leggings given to me last Christmas, my Celinè Cycling Sneaker Shoes and lastly, my RayBan sunnies.

It's kinda sad that the leopard print and glitter on my polo was not visible but still, don't you agree that the quality of the pictures are incredible? :)

All in all, this look is very simple. The aim is to look trendy in a combination of simple pieces. I hope you guys liked this outfit.

Just to add more pics, here are some if the half body shots:

I think I was starting to "feel" it at this part of the photoshoot. And by the way, here are some pictures of me and my uncle, Russel Manalastas:

You can also visit his blog and his Instagram account @iamrusselem. Let's not forget his LookBook account

Thank you for reading my entry for today. I would like to thank once again Ms. Pamela De Leon for these amazing photos.

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Friday, November 1, 2013

2nd LookBook post PREVIEW :)

Last October 30,2013 I had my very first photoshoot. A "real" one with a "real" photographer, Ms. Pamela De Leon. 

Why do I say that this is "real"? Well, it's because I have never ever done an "ANTM-style" photoshoot where you have to pose and do this tricky "dance" with your photographer. I was really conscious and awkward at first. I didn't know where to put my hands or where to look, it's a relief that Pam was very nice and that my uncle, Russel Manalastas, was there to teach me and guide me throughout the whole shoot.

I was trying really hard to "model" hopefully you guys will like the outcome. And that I'll be able to show that a plus-size body can still be as fashionable as a size 2 body type.

Currently, I am on a strict diet where I have to let go of meat every ten days. Since I don't really like beef, I'm currently on a no pork, no rice, no fried food diet. Plus, I've been working hard to lose weight by going to the gym (Slimmer's World). As of now, I have lost 6lbs. And it doesn't only boost my confidence but also my health. I have developed Bronchial Asthma and GERD (acid reflux) due to my sudden weight gain.

My goal is to get to this size again:

I will soon be posting my latest look. As well as the link for my LookBook. I am really excited about this one and I hope everyone will appreciate me :)

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